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Used by almost 80% of players worldwide, they are recognized as the reference of the industry.Rich with intricate 3D animated diagrams, 14 exclusive lessons, and over 35 minutes of special feat.What is the best billiards training DVD for an amateur pool player to take his game to next level.I have been playing pool for over 35 years and full-time since 2005.

See more free lessons, videos, pictures and downloads at must either get a ball in the pocket or drive 4 balls into the rails in order for the break to be legal.

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Supporting and assisting BCA instructors in their business of providing instruction services.The video portion of this package is the complete famous match-up of Johnny Archer and Efren Reyes at.

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World Premier Leader in Billiard Instruction Award Winning BSACA Master Academy Home of Master Instructor Timothy White Cue Sports Encyclopedia Apple Textbooks.

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A Basic Pocket Billiards Clinic Taught by PBIA-Trained Instructors VIdeo and Technical Analysis Progressive Practice Drills Mechanics Drills Review of Fundamental Knowledge.Billiard Instruction Video Download 3GP, MP4, HD MP4, And Watch Billiard Instruction video.

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What makes this interesting is that there is one more rule: Your cue ball must hit at least 3 cushions before striking the last ball.

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Some of the obvious (to me, and soon to you) errors pool shooters make to lose games, throw off their rhythm, and ruin an otherwise good evening of pool.If you go first, strike the cue ball with your cue stick, aiming for the racked balls.This CD has great information on safety, kicking, banking, combinations, and a host of other professional techniques.

This features instruction from some of the best players of the respective games.Billiards Instructional Videos Pool Lessons and Billiards Instruction by Samm Diep and Mike Fieldhammer on the Extreme.Learn how to approach the table, hold a cue, mentally play the game, move the cue ball, secret techniques and strategies, trick shots, the mysteries of putting english on the ball, aim, shooting straight, follow thru, even tip repair, and basic cue care.InsidePOOL and The Billiard Channel Video live streams pool and billiards tournaments that feature amateurs and professional players from around the world.

She is a frequent commentator on ESPN, has appeared on many popular national talk shows, and is an author of 3 instructional books on pool.

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Find billiards instruction from a vast selection of Billiards How to Books and Videos.With a Price Match Guarantee and easy 1 year returns we are your go to billiard store.