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Also teaching colors is fun. tell them a color and do an i spy like game.

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Being a stay-at-home makes me feel incredibly happy and fulfilled.One great thing about teaching in the information age is easy access to so many resources for free curriculum.These 14 fun activities for your 1 year old will keep your baby busy all afternoon.

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The list may be a grouping of workers or other activities that you wish to maintain a record of.


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For one and a half year old or older From magazines, cut out pictures of objects that are not familiar but interesting to your toddler, such as airplane, a giraffe or a mountain.Please see policies for more information.Oh the fun age of 1.

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My niece is there and it definitely brings back memories of th.Whether they are learning to walk or already walking, boys this age roll, bounce and tumble over everything in sight.

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Practice speech and language with these online learning activities.One-year-old toddlers are going to be more curious about their surroundings.

Use this list with your one-year-old, 16 months, 18, month and up to 24 months.

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Their interest in art is focused on the sensory exploration of art materials, such as paint and clay.As the Christmas vacation approaches, mothers have to be geared to keep their kids busy during the holidays with some fun or educational activities.

I also suggest doing one activity a day, and relying on your regular routine to fill the rest of the time.Teaching young children English (1-3 year olds) is a fun and challenging experience.Today I present you with my darling angel and 21 of her favorite activities for one year olds.

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On this list is Reggio, loose parts, sensory based learning, and some of the most fun baby toys.After sharing the four general weekly planners with my incredible newsletter subscribers, I asked if they had any suggestions for new weekly planners.It doubles as a snacking opportunity too, so you can take care of two birds with one stone.

This is a board for my new one year old Lilly but a lot of the activities would work for babies not yet one that can sit independently and show an interest.Via Kids Activities Blog This edible finger paint is made from applesauce.Please join us on Instagram for learning ideas shared every day.

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Your tiny bundle of joy has likely become wiggly and busy and is exploring every nook and cranny of your home.These can all be done outside (and some inside): Bubbles - you can google this and find ways to make really big ones, colored ones, etc.Reading your question brought back so many memories of when I began sailing the high seas with my little guy when he was just a small sea guppie.

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However, it is a special challenge to harness that energy and focus it on the English lesson.

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If you like these activities, check out my e-book 65 Development-Promoting and Fun Activities for 12-18 Month Olds.The dirty, sullen, timid children of poor, illiterate workers had become polite, self-disciplined, graceful and independent little human beings.

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It includes most of the activities in this article plus many others that were tested on my toddler.The following are the child development milestones for a 1 Year Old focusing on Language development.

During their time with us your child will learn to count, discover writing and music, and start building toward following simple instructions, writing, and the potty.Collect Collect this now for later. bridgett 15 Independent Activities for One Year Olds Poodles.Busy (like to flip light switches, pour things in and out of containers, unwrap packages, and empty drawers).Energetic (walk more steadily, run, push, pull, take apart, carry, and climb on and grab things).In one year, aristocrats, scholars, teachers and parents around the world started visiting her school at the news of 4-year-olds spontaneously writing.