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To make pork shoulder: Rub pork shoulder all over with dry rub and set aside to marinate for 15 to 30 minutes—this allows the rub to stick to the protein.If you want pulled pork without having to manage an entire pork shoulder (or getting takeout from your nearest barbecue restaurant), ask your butcher for a pork shoulder steak.Roasted pork shoulder roast takes a bit of time to cook, but it is super easy and the flavor is out of this world.My personal preference is for grilling it—see the grilled pork butt variation beneath the recipe.The crock pot is by far the easiest way to cook your pork shoulder to perfection.

Using a sharp knife, make deep slashes in the skin of the pork shoulder to cut through the skin and fat layer, but not the meat.Okay, so if your family loves pork roast, pulled pork, or pork in any way, shape, or form, you really do want to give this pork roast a try.But as soon as I started carving, I knew I had made a major miscalculation.You will not believe how incredibly easy it is to slow roast a pork shoulder.

Cooked low and slow for 8 hours then broiled in the oven until crispy on the outside.Rub the meat with a mixture of fresh garlic, herbs, and olive oil.Place the pork back on top of everything and place back in the oven without the foil to roast for 1 further hour, or until meltingly soft and tender.The amount of moisture in the meat makes it fall apart easily.

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Pork shoulder steaks also known as blade chops, blade steaks, blade-end pork loin chops, pork loin blade chops, pork shoulder steaks, pork shoulder blade steaks, pork steaks.

This Pork Shoulder Roast recipe is slow-cooked with a delicious Caribbean mojo marinade and dry rub.Now you must understand that an actual pork shoulder is very big and most of us usually only smoke a pork butt or a pork picnic.

Pork Shoulder Smoking Time by: Bill Whole pork shoulders take a long, long time to smoke.Here is a really easy Instant Pot pork shoulder recipe you will love.Place the pork shoulder in a large roasting pan, fatty side up.

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Juicy pork usually takes all day to get this tender but in your Instant Pot it takes less than a few hours to fall apart.

Pork shoulder is a hunk of meat that is laced with flavorful fat and connective tissue.

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Fresh pork shoulder is a rich and tasty cut of meat, but it can be tough, so marinating and roasting pork shoulder is a good way to ensure that it comes out tender.

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Fall-apart tender pork with a flavorful gravy on top make this recipe amazing.

Each serving comes out to be 461 Calories, 36.7g Fats, 0.2g Net Carbs, and 30.3g Protein.A pork shoulder, slow-cooked and pulled into succulent little shreds, can become a thousand different meals.I have a fresh shoulder picnic half - bone-in and almost exactly 5 pounds.My kids were panting like little puppies at the oven window all day waiting for the roast to come out.This is the last Crockpot Pulled Pork recipe you will ever need.

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Slow cooking pork shoulder is the easiest method to make the classic pulled pork.

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This pork shoulder roast, which requires a mere 20 minutes of hands-on time, makes a lovely centerpiece for any celebratory meal.

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This oven method for roast pork butt yields delicious pulled pork. (As does the slow cooker method for braised pork butt.This is my pork shoulder recipe from bringing home a pork shoulder to preparing it with my very own original my very own original rub recipe to smoking it up delicious.Delicious pork recipes in all their forms including pork chops, sausages recipes and pork shoulder.Does anyone have clue as to how to prep and cook a 10lb pork shoulder.